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Nearly everyday, somewhere in America, a SWAT / Sniper is learning a valuable lesson from first hand experience in the field. It could take place outside an electronics store, or on a city street, in a crowded shopping center, or any one of a thousand other locations. Somewhere a sniper is learning a limitation in his equipment, a fault in his training regimen, a dubious tactic, or just the fact he is a policeman with a rifle, not a sniper. He is learning to succeed, or he has learned that he has failed. Whatever the lesson, the unfortunate part is, because of the fragmented and secretive nature of the tactical community, the lesson may never go any further than a few close associates. A lesson which may someday save the life of an officer or civilian is lost because there is no mechanism in place for learning, evaluating and sharing information which is unique to our special community. Snipercraft was born in 1992 with resolving this situation as one of its primary objectives. We gather snipers from all over the country together on a regular basis for competitions and seminars. We have used those occasions to make contacts, share information and to have some fun. We publish a newsletter with an international circulation, to regularly update one another on the latest lessons learned, as well as lessons available through schools, seminars, videotapes and books. We provide products and training which will aid the sniper in accomplishing his mission. Snipercraft is a nonprofit organization comprised of active police snipers and tactical personnel. Our desire is for snipers to be recognized and respected as the trained professionals they really are. Our goal is to enhance the level of proficiency and professionalism of the police sniper. Our plan is to give them the tools to make them safer and more effective. Snipercraft started three decades ago, dedicated to helping the working police sniper. Today, we remain committed to our original mission. We teach snipers. Our job, the police sniper, is the most unique function in the most difficult of circumstances in all of police work. We are part of an elite community and should take great pride in what we do and what it takes to do it. We have made a commitment to do a job which few want, and even fewer can. “While Invisible, I See & Destroy”

Snipercraft offers:

A comprehensive police sniper training program Support products, equipment and training materials A quarterly newsletter addressing sniper issues A clearinghouse for sniper-related information Advisory services for your police sniper program To be added to our new email mailing list, send us an email, from the address you want added to the list. Please include your name, agency, city and state in the body of the email. This information will be used to inform you of new Snipercraft courses and products, and classes coming to your area.
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While Invisible, I See & Destroy