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Our Philosophy

Snipercraft is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, real world training to police snipers, designed and taught by men who are intimately familiar with doing the job. We recognize the value placed on your training dollars and time. Our programs are designed to optimize both. We are here to pass on what we have learned to the snipers who will follow in our footsteps. This is not a business to us. It is a mission we faithfully execute with both passion and professionalism. Our commitment is to our students and their operational needs. Your effectiveness, success and survival start with good training. With lives hanging in the balance, you can't afford to go out unprepared. We teach police snipers police sniping. Our training works because it is based on the real-world experience of thousands of snipers and tens of thousands of callouts. What we teach is based on verifiable facts and operational realities. We teach what works, point out what doesn't and we take the time to explain the reasons why. Our record and reputation speak to our effectiveness. With over over two decades of service to the tactical community, we have trained several generations of operational snipers. This doesn't happen without cause. We have earned the trust of snipers and their agencies throughout the country. This is what students are saying about Snipercraft: "I wanted you to know just how grateful I was for all of the instruction and knowledge you passed along throughout the week. You were always professional and more than willing to assist if needed. You were one of the best instructors I have ever had. Your dedication throughout your life to this craft will be echoed for generations. Your dedication has and will continue to save lives around the world and for that I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again for your time and service." "What Snipercraft presents is real, tangible and invaluable." "Best basic sniper class in the nation." "A very professional class that provided good information and practical application. The best that I have attended. All snipers and departments should not accept less." "This class exceeded my expectations in every area. An excellent course taught by the best in the business. I will recommend Snipercraft training to all snipers." "I would recommend Snipercraft to any agency who wants professional sniper training. It was a real learning experience." "I hope you know how many lives you are saving by your teachings. You are truly appreciated." "This is the most useful class I have attended. The material was all relevant and credible, not just some BS or something we were supposed to believe because the instructor said so." "Having documentation and video to back up the teaching is necessary, and you did a good job. I appreciate the use of verifiable facts to teach and use as examples in the class." "Best sniper training class I've ever had. Good info, great instructors, great presentation and definitely a must have class." "I can't even begin to explain just how impressed I am with this class. Every day I went back to my hotel in amazement of the amount of information I have learned. Everything that was taught was very easy to understand. I am very thankful for this class and the wealth of knowledge that has been bestowed upon me." "In my humble opinion, if you can only attend one or two classes, make it Snipercraft's Basic and Advanced courses. While physically and mentally demanding, it is the best training that I have ever received. I will take much more from this than my poor writing skills can convey. Thank you for your time and knowledge and your willingness to share it." "Your professionalism and knowledge make this by far the best training I have participated in in my career. Derrick is an inspiration to what instructors should strive to attain." "Very professional presentation and instruction. It is rare to come to a class like this and not have to contend with instructor arrogance and ego. Thank you for spending your time and providing this valuable training." "This class is by far the best I've ever taken. It maintains the perfect balance of classroom instruction and range time. The topics covered bring you along in proper order. At the conclusion of the class I felt confident in having a basic working knowledge for being a sniper and was inspired to perfect my craft in the future. Thank you." "I would highly recommend Snipercraft to any agency looking to train police snipers. I have been to many, many tactical shooting classes, and Snipercraft is at the top of the list." "This was the best and hardest class that I've gone through in my 12 years. But then, anything worth having, and have it mean something, is hard. I am very proud to have passed this class. The instructors were excellent." "It was one of the best weeks I've ever had. I felt honored to learn these skills from people who are the top names in the sniper community. Better to learn from the best, than from anyone else." "I know that I mentioned it to you at the end of our class, but it's worth mentioning again. The training that you provided was, without a doubt, the best training that I have ever been fortunate enough to attend in my nine years as a police officer. If I have any influence at all, no sniper from our ERU will ever again attend sniper training from any organization other than Snipercraft. Excellent class. Instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. I liked how everything we did was based on real-life sniper shootings. Excellent use of videos and photos. Also liked the physical portions of the course. The course trains you to be a sniper and not a target shooter." "Very professional and knowledgeable. Truly cares and is compassionate about snipers. Don't ever lose your passion for teaching." I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the class...even the PT test and the "agony" drill. Your level of professionalism, knowledge, and genuine concern are apparent. There is such a huge variance in the level of quality of training in the law enforcement field today that it is genuinely refreshing and enjoyable to attend training at this level of excellence, even during the times that it makes every inch of your body hurt. At least for those of us that are doing it for the right reasons." "Excellent course. Should be standard for all snipers. The case studies and classroom instruction are phenomonal!" "It is rare to attend a class where the instructor has done as much research and placed as much thought into the training. Great job!" "I am impressed at the level of professionalism and knowledge the Snipercraft team possesses. The fact that the team uses practical applications and historical data to help build a foundation for high stress police sniping applications." "Instructors not only provide students with knowledge of basic sniper tactics, but also goes into detailing each and every aspect of a topic to ensure students understand the reasons for why it is employed. Instructors are very knowledgeable on this topic and provide students with a level of comfort that is pertinent to the learning process." "The course was as much a psychological training in what to expect on the job and how to prepare your mind to be a sniper as it was a class in shooting. The course exceeded the high reputation Snipercraft possesses." "I highly recommend Derrick Bartlett as an instructor of sniper-related topics. His knowledge, skills and abilities are tremendous resources that are available to the sniper community, particularly law enforcement tactical snipers. I will attend more classes taught by Snipercraft instructors, and definitely courses taught by Derrick Bartlett." "Because of the valuable training that you have given snipers, including me, we have become more effective and competent in handling those high risk situations that are inevitable. In both of my shootings I utilized skills learned in the basic class. So, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication to training snipers. You have saved lives!" "Mr. Derrick Bartlett was phenomenal. He approached each lesson with facts - a research, proof- based class which was enlightening. He is incredibly passionate about his craft, and he cares deeply about developing police snipers, as well as advocating for the sniper community. Couldn't have asked for more." “This has been one of the most efficient and well-informed classes I have been to. I really appreciate the effort to research and provide scientific and historical data to validate lessons and instruction. Thank you for all the immense effort that has gone into this class.” Additional comments and references are available on request. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your training and operational goals.
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